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Artist Statement

Just as musicians are sensitive to sounds, for me as a visual artist it is an aesthetic sense, an extra sensitiveness to line, colour and balance together with good design.

Inspiration is sometimes quite a mystery, however, I feel in my case it is influenced by a myriad of life experiences, optimism, personal observations and travel in unison with a zest for life.

Painting for me is a balancing act as I shift between different mediums and genres, encompassing a diversity of themes, compositions and techniques.

My work has a skeleton of drawing and design whatever it is, and without exception must evoke a feeling or mood, a sense of place and the intrinsic nature of the moment. Colour skills, stylistic techniques and a narrative of sorts all morph to achieve creative clarity.

With artwork licensed to various manufacturers and publishers in Europe, England, America and Australia for over forty years, my portfolio is extensive. Examples include fine art prints and commercial products featuring my artwork and designs, such as textiles, dinnerware and kitchenware as well as tapestries, puzzles and stationery.

A passion for art goes back to my early years spent in Wagga in country New South Wales, Australia. Educated at Wagga High School and the Wagga Commercial College in the sixties, I later studied Fashion (Drafting and Design) and Fine Art in Sydney. 

The early seventies were spent in London and Europe, travelling, painting and experiencing the zeitgeist of the period, later living in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands for a number of years. Mallorca and Europe were exciting places to experience during the seventies, living there during this period had an enormous influence on my creativity, painting and lifestyle. The Balearic Islands of Spain hold special memories for me and they continue to be my favourite retreats.

My painting studio, as well as my print studio, 'Artprints Australia', are based in Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches, where I continue to create art and enjoy the challenges of reproducing my work as high-quality giclée prints on canvas and fine art papers.  (

Thank you for visiting my website.


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